Meet the Artist

Y’all I WOULD’VE NEVER KNOWN that I would become an artist. For years I’ve known that art always had a special place in my heart. I remember in elementary school I’d sit there and blend so many colors. I didn’t care about being neat I was just infatuated with the colors and glitter and glue. 
years later I still feel that same infatuation except this time I realize it pourssss from my soul. Every thought, feeling and emotion drives me to just go crazy on a canvas and lucky for me! Everyone encourages it and supports it to the point that I’ve made a career of it. Sometimes when shipping my pieces state to state and even to the islands, my heart breaks a little because these pieces are pieces of my soul. Art for me is a little more personal and I appreciate that you all SUPPORT ME THE WAY YOU DO! 

I am Sade’ born and raised in Maryland and because of the pain I’ve endured throughout my life... I’ve been able to create as my therapy